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Here you can find out a bit about me and my books, plus my latest news, details of upcoming events, and how to get in touch.
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'The Moon Field is genuinely and deeply moving.'
The Times
'Outstanding … goes head on to tell us what it was like in the trenches'
Nick Higham - BBC News ‘Meet the Author’
'Deeply engaging . . . really memorable.'
Charles Palliser
'Beautifully written with honesty and compassion'
The Bookseller - We Love this Book
The Moon Field is available in hardback and kindle editions from Amazon at www.amazon.co.uk
The Moon Field is also available as an audio book from Harper Audio at soundcloud.com
The Moon Field is also available in Bookshops
'meticulously researched, and beautifully realised '
Sue Gee
'a fascinating, compelling book, written with subtlety and a delicate touch '
Clare Morrall
Available in hardback, paperback and kindle editions.

'A novel of rare insight, exquisitely written. A standing ovation for this debut.'
Michael Morpurgo
Available in paperback and kindle editions.