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A beautiful, eerie story of love and memory.
Published in paperback by HarperCollins
on the 11th February.
‘An utterly compelling story, characters you care about deeply and a real feeling for the thread of the uncanny that runs through our lives.’ Margaret Leroy
‘I loved the gut-wrenching reality of birth and death in a world where people were just an extension of their machines. A book that lingers in the memory.’ Catharine Arnold
‘A gripping, moving, ambitious novel. A huge achievement.’ Myra Schneider
The Silk Factory is available in print and kindle editions from Amazon, and
in all formats, including audio, from HarperCollins'
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All my books are available in Hardback, Paperback, Kindle and Audio editions.
'The Moon Field is genuinely and deeply moving.'
The Times
'a fascinating, compelling book, written with subtlety and a delicate touch '
Clare Morrall
'A novel of rare insight, exquisitely written. A standing ovation for this debut.'
Michael Morpurgo